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Break Up Contest!

Monday, April 4th, 2011

The Alaska chapter of RWA is now holding its annual Break Up Contest. Because after all, the happily ever after is what we all want and what we’re all hoping for, but it’s the break up that keeps us reading the book…

ALASKA CHAPTER of ROMANCE WRITERS of AMERICA presents: A Contest for Unpublished Manuscripts.

The 4th annual
Alaska Break-Up Contest
Every year, here in Alaska, we undergo a phenomena we lovingly call Break-up. It’s when the ice and snow finally melts away, and the darkness of long winter nights gives way to even longer summer days. Do you have a break-up scene or dark moment in your romance manuscript? If so, we would love to see it.

1: Submitted manuscripts must be unpublished, and must be received by midnight May 1st. 2011
2. Enter your best break-up or darkest moment scene. Entry must not exceed 10 pages. All categories and heat levels welcome.
Please include a set-up scene (1-3 pages) to assist judges in understanding entry selection. Set-up scene will not be judged.
3. You may submit more than one entry. Each entry must be separate and complete with appropriate fees and signed agreement.
4. All submissions will be judged by AKRWA trained judges, RWA PRO members, and published authors. Final winners will be judged by Ellora’s Cave Publisher Raelene Gorlinsky
 . Winning entry will be submitted for a personal critque by New York Times Best Selling author Cherry Adair.
5. All submissions will be returned to author with judges’ comments.
6. Submissions must be accompanied by signed agreement and payment by PayPal.
7. Winners will be announced on the AKRWA Web site by July 1, 2011.
8. Entries received after May 1, 2011 will be disqualified and returned unopened.
9. See Submission Guidelines for details on how and where to submit entries.

Winning manuscript will be submitted to: New York Times Best Selling author Cherry Adair.
• All entrants will receive a beautiful certificate of participation.
• All judges are trained, PRO members and/or published authors.
• All authors will receive at least three score sheets with valuable judges’ comments.
• To see examples of the score sheets, visit the contest page on our Web site at:
Manuscript Requirements:
• Entries must be prepared in accordance with common publisher’s standards (double
spaced, one inch border, 12 point type e.g., Courier/Times New Roman/Arial).
• Header on each document shall include title, category and page number.
• Please do not include author’s name anywhere on the actual entry.
• Your entry must represent a break-up or darkest moment scene.
• All entries must meet the RWA standards of romance writing.
• Entries that do not comply with the listed requirements will not be scored.
1)Electronic submissions only:
2)Manuscript and setup scene in RTF. In addition, your completed entry form and entrant’s agreement in a separate file.
3)Payment by PayPal. Each entry, $30.00. Submit PayPal orders to:

E-mail submissions to: